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About Us

Uniform Discount Mission Statement

"To exceed the requirements and expectations of our customers by empowering all of our associates to provide superior quality service, unparalleled customer support, company innovation, and continuous improvement to give our customers a great shopping experience."


Our focus and dedication to the customer is empowered by the generous compliments received through the years, and the bonds we have made with our customers. The vision of the future remains the same as day one, to grow and diversify as a company in order to offer more products to our customers and pass along related savings.


With over fifty years of experience in retail and ten years in internet retail shopping carts, we remain your devoted retail medical uniform company. We are committed to providing the latest fashion, quality, and reliable products to our customers. We know that downtime is not an option for your website. For this reason, we invest heavily in hardware, facilities, and man-power to ensure that our customers receive excellent service.

Founded in 1960, Uniform Discount quickly climbed its way to the top in the retail Medical Uniform industry. In the past few years, Uniform Discount has established reliability and quick witted business practices coupled with a steadfast customer base.  This has molded us into one of the most trusted retail companies around. We re-invent the wheel everyday - that's the key to success in this business. "If it isn’t broke don't fix it" may have been fine decades ago, but if you ask us, you need to figure out how it can be broken and correct that problem.

Why Uniform Discount?

* Pricing – Competitive pricing. We not only offer the most comprehensive retail uniform site, but our volume based pricing allows us to have a competitive price to market and maximize your savings.

* Experience – Our Company is backed by 50 years of retail service.

* Support Services – Your support questions will be addressed 24/7 via several forms of communication including, but not limited to, live phone, voice mail, live text chat, and e-mail support.

Thank you and hope you enjoy your shopping experience.

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